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Send To Back, Backward, Bring To Front, Forward In Silverlight

This is a demonstration of context menu for ordering any control. In this case, i have used multiple overlap images to show

Bring to FrontBring ForwardSend BackwardSend to BackDeleteYou can see the live example here [live demo] The SOURCE CODE(.zip) is given at the end of the page for download.
You can download the source code from here [download link] HARD CODE DOWNLOAD URL [ ]

Best 23 Open Source iPhone Apps & Source Code

Best 23 Open Source iPhone Apps & Source Code

The iPhone platform now has more than 100,000 apps, and they're almost all available through the iTunes App Store. That's an amazing rate of growth, and it shows how rich the iPhone platform is for developers. Of course, this list can't possibly be comprehensive. If you're comfortable with having everyone know where you are at all times, go ahead and try those apps out, too. Here, though, are my first favorites.

1. Diceshaker - little dice-rolling utility for your roleplaying sessions and board games. It's designed to be simple, uncluttered and easy to use. source code 2. - Listen to more than 5 million tracks for free with on your iPhone. Create personal radio stations based on any artist or genres, and listen to commercial free music for hours. With on the iPhone you can also check out artist bios and concert information and share your favourite tracks with your friends using the …