Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Distributed Cache in Less Than 100 Lines of Code With Akka

An in-memory cache is a crucial component in a modern software architecture. It can improve the throughput of a system. As a result, the user experience is increased while the operating cost is decreased due to efficient resource usages. The well-known open-source in-memory caches are Redis and Memcache. The latter does not support replication, and it is not a distributed caching system either. However, if you are already using Akka as your backend service, why bother having another system for caching when Akka could be the right tool for you. Akka Cluster uses the Gossip protocol for communicating across members in a cluster. Akka Cluster is an extension of the Akka toolkit that extends the Akka remote functionality. You have to provide a set of seed nodes that act as contact points for new nodes. There is no election process for a leader node since it can be determined by any node when there is a gossip convergence.

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