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AJAX for Beginners - Understanding ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls

Desktop applications and web applications have one major difference and that is the stateless nature of web applications. A website runs on a client and communicates with a server in a stateless manner. So every action taken by the user on his browser has to be propagated back to the web server to determine the outcome of that action. Due to this required postback to the server, web applications find it very difficult to achieve a high degree of responsiveness in terms of user interface and functionality (something that desktop applications manage quite easily).

AJAX, i.e., Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is the technique that can be used to have communication between the client and server without needing a postback. The benefit of avoiding postback is faster response to the user, the page in the browser is not changed/refreshed/posted so the user can continue to use it while data is sent to the server and user actions like keypresses can also be communicated to the server to provide …