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Ext JS 4 MVC-Tutorial : Sencha Designer

Traditionally, ExtJs projects were developed using text editors like Vim, Emacs or Notepad, and today you can continue using it, but there's a new tool to help building ExtJs applications: Sencha Designer.

Sencha Designer is the new evolution of ExtJs Designer. The previous version allowed us to create Views that can be integrated to our projects, and extended using a text editor, but the newest incarnation allows much more than that, now it's a complete ide, even with a text editor included.

One drawback (to me) of the new Sencha Designer is that if you choose to create a project using it, you will be forced to use it from the very beginning of your application. For example you can't start an app using your text editor, then continue using Sencha Designer, for me this is a major problem. Imagine a workgroup composed of some developers using Sencha Designer (front end designers) and others using just text editors, if a programmer adds a View by hand, this view is not importe…