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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today's iOS Development OpenSource and Libraries

Today's iOS Developer resources include an open source control for easily creating status bar messages, and a library for creating graphical noise to make better looking interface components.

1. FDStatusBarNotificationView - Open Source iPhone Control For Easy Custom Status Bar Messages

A very easy to use library for creating status bar notifications that allows you to set a time limit, and also respond to status bar touches and the message changing.

You can find the control FDStatusBarNotificationView by Francesco Di Lorenzoon Github here.

A nice easy to use control for creating custom text within a status bar.

2. KGNoise - Open Source Library For Adding Graphical Noise To Your iOS Interface Components

A library so that you can add graphical noise to your user interfaces and give things a more tactile feel (Apple does this all the time).  What's good about this library is that it has little impact on performance and can work on UIKit components.

You can download the library known as KGNoise on Gtihub here.

A nice easy to use library that can easily improve the look and feel of your interface.

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