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Today iOS Development Resources, Open Source and Libraries

1. CodePilot Tool: Terrific Free (Formerly Paid) Xcode Plugin For Quickly Searching Through Projects

An excellent Xcode plugin that lets you very quickly search through projects Xcode.  This was a paid plugin, but is now free.  A major time saver.
You can download CodePilot through the homepage here.

You will need to enter your e-mail to get your free registration key and enter it on the CodePilot page in  Xcode preferences.

2. iOS Glulxe Interactive Fiction Game Framework That Can Work With Z-Machine Files (Not Frotz)

A framework for creating interactive fiction games.  Games made for the Z-machine (Zork) interpreters can be compiled to work with this framework.

You can find the project on Github here - be sure to install all submodules.

You can find a guide on how to turn your interactive fiction game into an app with iOS Glulxe in the wiki here.  Your Z-machine files will need to be compiled to the proper format.

The developer of iOS Glulxe also has a project featuring an iOS implementatio…