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Reading and writing metadata tags with Taglib

Metadata container can be useful for storing information like title, album artist, artwork, comments and other file related data in a song. iTunes is an example of where you can find implementation of this. Taglib is a free library that can be used for reading and writing metadata of many popular audio formats. Today will be focusing on the C# port of this library and how to use it on Windows Phone 7. For more details on the project you can check out the reference section. One of the problem with Taglib# is that it works by opening a file with the path of it in the file system. This will work well on desktop apps. But this wouldn't be so simple in a sandbox environment, the case with Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 Store apps. Thankfully you could implement an iFileAbstraction interface that provides abstracted access to a file. Using it we could use a Stream. This helps with making it work on both WP7 and W8 plus for moments where you just have a Memory Stream of a file and don'…