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Architecture Guide: ASP.NET MVC Framework + N-tier + Entity Framework and Many More

The Model View Controller (MVC) is an architectural pattern used in software engineering. The pattern isolates "domain logic" (the application logic for the user) from input and presentation (GUI), permitting independent developments, testing and maintenance of each.
Today, the Microsoft variant of MVC called ASP.NET MVC, which is now part of .NET framework 4.1, is gaining momentum among software designers. In addition to that the enthusiasm is also high among developers to support the community with materials that speed up application development with ASP.NET MVC framework. There are many source libraries on the internet, where such contributions can be found. These free off-the-shell libraries/ components have positively influence the modern software industry in many different ways. However, as it was with any other case, this has a few negatives too. Today, unfortunately, junior designers, who are trying to do their first system in MVC, are struggling to select the right s…

Using UI, BLL and DAL in ASP.NET 3-Tier

This article will help you understand and get started in creating your own BLL and DAL.
Not to start a battle between VB and C# programmers, but my examples are in VB because I think C# developers are more capable of converting the code. ;-) Doesn't matter much anymore because of the Common Language Infrastructure. But that's another discussion altogether.
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