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Today's iOS Development Resources, Articles and Libraries

Today's iOS Development Resources, Articles and Libraries

1. iOS Library Providing An Easy Way To Record The Screen, Touches And User Simultaneously

A library that provides an easy way to simultaneously record a user's screen, touches, and face while using an application.

You can find a couple of way's to download CaptureRecord on the home page here.

You can find the source repository on Github here.

A useful library for testing or even if you wanted to create videos of yourself explaining how to use an app quickly.

2. Open Source Easy To Use iOS Zip Compression Library

A very easy to use open source iOS Zip compression library.

You can find the library known as ZipZap by Glen Low on Github here.

A great looking for an easy to use Zip compression library.
If you've created, or come across any iOS developer resources that you'd like to share you can it in comments section.

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