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Enable Visual Studio debugging or Breakpoints for Silverlight Project.

Following are some solutions which you can apply, if your Visual Studio is not debugging your silverlight project or if your breakpoints are not hitting properly.
Solution 1: Use IE (Internet Explorer)

Solution 2:
1-Right click on the Web Application project that comes with Silverlight project
2-From the context menu, chose "Properties". This will open the properties window in the screen.
3-Select web from left menu and scroll down to the end and select checkbox of silverlight.

Solution 3:
Attach the process of silverlight to Internet explorer.

Solution 4:
1-Clean VS Project.
2-Close IDE.
3-Remove all bin and debug folder from project
4-Remove .XAP file from ClientBin folder
5-Start IDE and press F5 to start debugging.

Solution 5:
Try to reset the Visual Studio settings by calling the "devenv /resetsettings" command. This is not recomended untill you have failed all solutions.

Solution 6:
Remove Solution User Options (.suo) file  present in your solution directory.

I guess you …