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A Springboard-Like Layout With the UICollectionView Class

Collection Views are an exciting new addition to the UIKit API in iOS 6. Some platform pundits are of the opinion that collection views are poised to become as fundamental and pervasive a component in iOS app design as table views have been (and your author is humbly inclined to agree!). Collection views and table views share a lot of common design philosophy (not to mention a similar API) because they serve a common purpose – to present a collection of related data. It is best not to think of collection views as a replacement to table views, but rather as a new offering of a more generic and flexible architecture for interacting with non-tabular data sets.
This tutorial will teach you how to use the iOS 6 UICollectionView class to build a "Springboard" layout that looks and acts like the iOS Home Screen! Along the way, you'll gain a solid grasp of collection view fundamentals in order to create your own grid based layouts.
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